Step 1Step 1

Measure your panels or areas your desire to improve.



Step 2Step 2

Once received your materials. Follow Instructions Manual within your package and install any all Track Systems or Roll-Up Systems first (if any).


Step 3Step 3

Install all frames (if any). Make sure you follow instructions within the manual.


Step 4Step 4

From the bottom to the top, install all curtain or panel borders that slide in frames’ rails (if any).


Step 5Step 5

From side to side, slide all trolleys into track rail (if any).


Step 6 Step 6

Ensure curtains or panels are fitting correctly and aligned to frame borders.



Step 7Step 7

Zip up all sides or use Velcro System (if any).




Step 8Step 8

Test the Track System (if any). Once satisfied, ensure to place the stoppers on both sides of the rail.




Step 9Step 9

Enjoy your new open space! No bugs, no pollen, no annoying weather!